DSLR Photometry Tutorial / Finishing Analysis

Finishing Analysis

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Submitted by bkloppenborg on 16 February 2010

Now that you have obtained instrumental magnitudes for the variable and comparison stars the next step is to perform the analysis to get calibrated magnitudes.

Calibration Tutorials

If you downloaded the Beginner data set, this is the tutorial for you. In this tutorial you will calculate calibrated Visual or V-magnitudes without any air mass correction. This method is suitable for comparison stars no more than 10 degrees away from the variable star and for zenith angles less than 35 degrees.

This tutorial is designed for use with the Intermediate-level data set. The Intermediate Tutorial will guide you through the process of computing calibrated magnitudes just like the Beginner Tutorial, but it will add the effects of atmospheric attenuation on photometric observations. We will introduce you to the concept of air mass and explain why it has to be accounted for in our analysis. We suggest all observers use this tutorial to calibrate their data before submitting it to the AAVSO.


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