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L.A. Times Article

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Posted by Rebecca on January 21, 2011 - 11:50am

Check out this article in yesterday's issue of the Los Angeles Times featuring epsilon Aurigae and our very own Brian Kloppenborg!! 

The article even mentions the song written by CS worksop participant Bob Miller and refers to the eps Aur illustrations that exists as "artwork that would make Spock proud".  You can find the song, We are the Stars, and the illustrations made by CS participants on our Media Room Page.

You beat me to it!

Ah Rebecca, you beat me to it! So as some of you may have noticed I did two posts on CHARA a while back and then suddenly stopped. The next natural post was a discussion of "what the data looks like," but I didn't get any data during those nights because the weather was bad. I did get a video of what the data should have looked like and will post that to YouTube sometime soon. More importantly Tom Curwen of the L.A. Times, along with photographer Marc Martin and graphic artistLorena Iñiguez Elebeevisited CHARA during the two days I had telescope time. From our discussions while the scopes were closed Tom was able to derive the wonderful narrative which was published on the front page. Erik Sheimaeven made a drawing of the front pageas part of his goal to draw every front page of the L.A. times in 2011. I'm not sure what other awesome things might happen (perhaps Phil Plait might blog about the eps Aur research soon?), but I look forward to hearing about them. Brian

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