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Looking at the Light Curve: Has the Eclipse Begun?

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Posted by Aaron Price on August 26, 2009 - 1:42am

There are hints in recent visual observations of a decline in brightness for epsilon Aurigae. In this walk through, learn how to read data and the light curve to make your own decision. What do you think? "Is it real, or is it Memorex?"


well personally i think that we keep our eyes peeled and see which one it is with facts, and opinional contributions as well. But it really could be anything

1982-1984 Eclipse First Contact

To put at ease the minds of those worried about the eclipse, here are data from the last eclipse. Note: First Contact was calculated at day 158, but definite dimming was not seen until around day 203 or about 2 months later. That means the current eclipse could have started the first of August, but we will not see definite dimming visually until the end of September. At that time epsilon should be about the same brightness as eta Aurigae. From then on it should be seen increasingly dimmer than eta Aurigae. First Contact for 1982-1984 Eclipse MJD V Mag 080 2.91 xxxxxxxxx. 096 2.97 ------xxx. 136 3.12---------.xxxxxxxxxxxx 158 1st Contact 172 3.10 --------.xxxxxxxxxx 176 3.06---------.xxxxxx 177 3.13 --------.xxxxxxxxxxxxx 181 3.13--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxx 182 3.11--------.xxxxxxxxxxx 184 3.12--------.xxxxxxxxxxxx 186 3.12--------.xxxxxxxxxxxx 193 3.15--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 194 3.09--------.xxxxxxxxx 195 3.20--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 197 3.07--------.xxxxxxx 200 3.16--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 203 3.16--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 204 3.16--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 208 3.37--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 210 3.18--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 215 3.19--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 217 3.24--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 222 3.23--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 224 3.31--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 229 3.39--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 231 3.43--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 234 3.43--------.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JD= 2,445,000 + MJD Data Source:1982-1984 Campaign Jeff Hopkins Phoenix Observatory Phoenix, Arizona USA

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