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DSLR Photometry Chat Transcript

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Posted by Rebecca on February 28, 2011 - 1:18pm

We will be hosting a Citizen Sky online chat TODAY, March 5th, at 11am Eastern (-5UT). Members of the Citizen Sky DSLR Documentation and Reduction Team will be online to answer questions regarding their work and the article published in the April Issue of Sky & Telescope Magazine. This article, titled "Photometry for All in the Digital Age," was written by team members Brian Kloppenborg and Tom Pearson.  It describes the work of the DSLR team and explains that DSLR cameras can be quite effective for bright star photometry.

If you have a digital single-lens reflex camera and would like to know more about how to properly use it for photometry, please stop by with your questions. 

Although the chat has already finished, we welcome you to read the transcript.


If you have an IRC client, connect to server and room #aavso. Chat's are usually easier to follow with a dedicated client (such as XChat for Windows, Colloquy for OS X, or Pidgin for Windows/Mac/Linux). Also, the chat room is always open so feel free to stop in at any time. There are usually at least a couple of users in there.

Login here with a web browser:

We hope to see you there!

Thanks for hosting this

Thanks for hosting this interesting chat! CS Heinz

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