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Sky & Telescope Feature: "Photometry for All in the Digital Age"

Citizen Sky is now officially permanent part of the AAVSO. In the coming weeks we will be moving additional content to the AAVSO site and freezing this site as an archive of the 1st three years of the project. Please visit the new landing page for future updates.

Posted by bkloppenborg on February 17, 2011 - 8:20pm

The April Issue of Sky & Telescope prominently features the work of Citizen Sky and the DSLR Documentation and Reduction Team.  Two of the members, Brian Kloppenborg and Tom Pearson authored the article entitled "Photometry for All in the Digial Age," which promotes the work of the DSLR team and shows that when used properly DSLR cameras can compete with traditional methods for bright star photometry.

Since it was formed the DSLR Photometry Team has been working diligently to make photometry accessible to anyone possessing an off-the-shelf DSLR camera. The team began over a year ago to develop techniques for producing calibrated visual “V” magnitudes from DSLR images. Next, they created tutorials that allow anyone interested in trying photometry to use basic photo equipment and software to master the
methods they developed. The S&T article chronicles this journey.

If you are a subscriber to Sky & Telescope, it should arrive within a few days.  The issue will be for sale in newstands in early March.  

Members for the team will be online to answer questions during a chat on Thursday, Feb. 24 Saturday, Mar. 5 at 11:00 AM US Eastern Time (more details to be posted next week). Until then if you have any questions please post in the photometry forums.

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