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Southern Hemisphere 10-Star Tutorial

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Posted by Aaron Price on December 23, 2010 - 12:33pm

The awesome Southern Gems team has published their first product: a version of the 10-Star Tutorial for the southern hemisphere. It's a great example of complementary team work.

The Southern Gems team, led by starladyjoan, has created a version of the 10-Star Tutorial that includes stars that can be seen from the southern hemisphere along with finder charts.

Click here to download it (PDF) or click here for the main 10-Star Tutorial page.

This is a good example of a Citizen Sky team that is ahead of the game. They have a creative idea, spent months putting it together and testing it and now have a very useful product to share with the world. Ever since CS began we've received e-mails from observers in the southern hemisphere asking for advice and help. But since our staff is all in the northern hemisphere, we didn't have the knowledge to put together such a tutorial for the south. What are good stars for beginners? What stars are easy-to-observe and which ones have quirks that make them bad choices for novices? Joan, who actually lives in Maine (USA), used her contacts with Astronomers Without Borders to put together a team of 14 others who helped her assemble the document. Some team members suggested stars, some helped create the charts, some worked on the descriptions, some worked on creating the PDF, some tested it by using it to make observations, etc. It was a complimentary team effort and our hats off to all of them! Thank you so much! Now what are you going to do to top this?

For anyone interested in making or joining a similar team, check out our new team organization discussion forum.

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