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Citizen Sky is now officially permanent part of the AAVSO. In the coming weeks we will be moving additional content to the AAVSO site and freezing this site as an archive of the 1st three years of the project. Please visit the new landing page for future updates.

Below is a 12-day light curve of epsilon Aurigae. It shows the observations we have received over the past 10 days. Hover your mouse over the light curve and it will change to a 550 day light curve. Click here for help about how to read a light curve.

12-Day Light Curve of eps Aur

550-Day Light Curve of eps Aur

V filtered Photometric Observation
Visual Observation    


    V+Visual 20-day average
Visual Observation 1-sigma Error Bar
V filtered Photometric Observation    


After you submit an observation to Citizen Sky, then your observations will be highlighted in the light curve with a blue cross ("+"). This allows you to compare your observation with others.

We have a much more powerful and customizable light curve generator. The light curve generator allows you to plot curves for the 10 stars in the 10-star tutorial and customize the look and what data is displayed.

If you would like to see the data in a tabular form, you may view the data as a list. This shows the same data as the light curve generator, but in a readable list form.

These tools are also available on the AAVSO website for more stars than are in the 10-star tutorial, feel free to use the AAVSO light curve generator and Quick Look file. It uses the same database as Citizen Sky, so it includes the same data.

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