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Comments from a long time researcher of eps Aur

Citizen Sky is now officially permanent part of the AAVSO. In the coming weeks we will be moving additional content to the AAVSO site and freezing this site as an archive of the 1st three years of the project. Please visit the new landing page for future updates.

Discover magazine's Cosmic Variance blog has a very interesting entry by Sean M. Carroll titled "My Favorite Star". Sean worked on the epsilon Aurigae mystery back in the early 90's and did his undergraduate thesis on the topic. In the blog entry he discusses his research, how it fit in with others and how it now feels to see observational evidence applied to theory. It's a good look into the reality of a long-term astronomical research project. It took almost 20 years for an answer! (And Don't forget the century+ of data going into all this research...) Sean is also a part of Brian and Dr. Bob's team that put together the current paper. Brian and Dr. Bob will go into much more detail about the process behind this paper in future blog posts and also a talk at the next Citizen Sky workshop (to be formally announced in a week or two).

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