VStar Tutorial Link Issue

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I'm not sure if this has been reported or not yet, so I thought I'd post it up here. I downloaded and started reading through the VStar Tutorial tonight and went to download it off the link provided in the PDF and the link is bad on Page 7. Where it points you to the page to download VStar, the text looks fine but the embedded hyperlink is incorrect. It reads as the following: http://www.ciczensky.org/content/vstarSimply%22click%22on%22the%22Download which sends you to 404 land. :) I went and downloaded it manually but thought it would be good to point it out so the PDF could be updated. Hope that helps!

Hi, Moezilla. I think that link might be created by the software you are using to view the document. I created the document in PowerPoint and that URL is not activated as an active "Hyperlink" (because I hate that Microsoft forces all hyperlinks to be underlined, blue and in a certain font). And when I open it with two PDF readers Iuse (Preview and Skim, both OSX applications), I don't get a link there. So what I think is happening is your software is trying to be "smart" and make a link, but it doesn't recognize the linefeed so is attaching the following line to the URL. Other than that, what do you think of the tutorial? Is it useful?

Yes, Ithink the tutorials are great here and are geared towards us newbies that are trying to learn. I'm more comfortable now with visual observations now and the next step for me will be working up an observing plan for each month (not just the 10 star program that I've concentrated on but one for bino's and one for the scope for AAVSO) and along with observing am wanting to understand light curves which I know nothing about, so I started with the tutorial. I'm going to play around with VStar and the tutorial and see what I can learn from them both. Btw, I checked the document in Acrobat Reader too and when I click on that link it again sends me to the same link I posted above. Thanks for the response Aaron! Maurice

Hi Moezilla Don't hesitate to ask questions about VStar. I'm currently working on the next release. Regards, David

I'm sure Iwill be David, thanks for the offer to assist and thanks for creating the software!

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