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Citizen Sky is now officially permanent part of the AAVSO. In the coming weeks we will be moving additional content to the AAVSO site and freezing this site as an archive of the 1st three years of the project. Please visit the new landing page for future updates.

Citizen Sky

Goal of this team is to look for, and disseminate, successful and powerful outreach gems. Concentrating on those activities where you only have the attention of the public for a short time period; like public nights, star parties, Scout events, classroom visits, science fairs, booths, public talks, standing in line at the ball get the idea. We will find ways to hook their interest and move them on to more long term the 20/20 team. We need innovative demonstration designers, artists, podcasters, bloggers, speakers, AND those who have the information which needs distilling and delivering.

Looking for ideas for a naked eye animated light curve

Talking about light curves yesterday it dawned on me that if we could create a naked eye image of Epsilon Aurigae above a light curve and then animate the whole thing it would be attractive to new observers and especially for those doing presentations and working with the general public.

Look here for ideas:

But think instead of the animated star whisking across the primary create an image of the night sky zoomed in on e.a. and watch the brightness dim etc.

Think of a page that starts with a picture like this:

That then zooms into the same area represented here; more

Finding the right Hook....popular film? We need your ideas!

We are hear in lovely San Francisco for the second Citizen Sky conference and just like the first conference we are only a few hours in and the ideas are flying.

I was chatting with Rebecca and we have come up with another good hook, MOVIES! I was at a Girl Scout camp this summer, doing a multi-station astronomy workshop and discovered that when I started talking about any constellation or star whose name was in Harry Potter the girls were much more likely to participate/interact/ask questions. In fact I had the older girls (high school/ middle school) stayed quite late just feeding me character names and I would take them to that character in the sky (or tell them which season to go looking)!

So why not link Epsilon Auriga to the Twilight Series?!!!

You have the eclipse (the name of one of the books)
Two 'battling stars' Are you Team Jacob (the F-star) or Team Edward (the B star cloaked in the disk)Read more

Idea: Visual representation of an eclipsing binary

I was at the ASP meeting last week and the Kepler Mission had a fantastic, interactive display explaining transiting extrasolar planets which we can easily turn into eclipsing binaries OR a model of epsilon Aurigae. They had created a Lego Orrery with a central light source and a couple of orbiting planets. There was a small photocell connected to a computer and as you turned to Orrery crank you could see the light curves forming for the extrasolar transits.

Look here:

I have order the supplies and will have my students put it together and get back to you on modifications for eclipsing binaries and epsilon Aurigae.Read more

Just a quick welcome to Team Hook

There was a great group of ideas that got started at the Chicago meeting orbiting around the idea of those quick Outreach moments. I would like to continue that here with the expectation that we can get people interested and moved on to other long term teams and create activities and ideas which everyone can steal for their own use.

It might be best to start of with posts in two formats:

Help needed: (example) I need some way to visually explain how stars form. You can chat and clarify within the post but once there is a great solution post it in the "idea to share" format

andRead more

Team Hook

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