Looking for ideas for a naked eye animated light curve

Looking for ideas for a naked eye animated light curve

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Talking about light curves yesterday it dawned on me that if we could create a naked eye image of Epsilon Aurigae above a light curve and then animate the whole thing it would be attractive to new observers and especially for those doing presentations and working with the general public.

Look here for ideas: http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/YBA/HTCas-size/binary-model.html

But think instead of the animated star whisking across the primary create an image of the night sky zoomed in on e.a. and watch the brightness dim etc.

Think of a page that starts with a picture like this:

That then zooms into the same area represented here;

WITH all the magnitudes for the surrounding stars.  Below this image show the current light curve from beginning of the current cycle to the current date.  Once the user plays the annimation the light curve begins and the image changes with E.A.  dimming, its magnitude ticker next to it dropping and that continues until you hit the current date.

Nico and Veronica have volunteered to help out but if you have pre-written modules etc that would help with this project so we can bring it to light quickly we would love some help!

The source post is in the Team Hook Group.


Magnitudes & VStar plugin

One possibility (as we briefly chatted about today) is to do this as a VStar plugin, using it to get the magnitude info. Regards, David

Work in progress

Nico and Veronica are looking at combining the current pieces to create one-stop-shopping, so to speak, with the image, animation, and light curve all together. I passed along your suggestion and I think that Nico and Veronica are going to look into the VStar options. We will let you know if we get stuck. Cheers! Alice

Sure, no problem.

That's fine. Regards, David

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