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Vote Decision 2010

Citizen Sky is now officially permanent part of the AAVSO. In the coming weeks we will be moving additional content to the AAVSO site and freezing this site as an archive of the 1st three years of the project. Please visit the new landing page for future updates.

Hi team, David needed a little help with the 12 toolbar icons for VStar and I came up with these ideas. There are 6 icons, plus the navigation arrows, that I though were pretty straight forward and only made one of each. For the other 6 icons he needs, there are more than one other choice. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks! –Nico

They're ....

But my votes are: #1 Star with disks #6 Star with binary #7 Green/red curves only #10 Funnel #11 Star with gear #12 Book with ? I'm ambivalent on the meat. It says RAW, no question, though it's not immediately intuitive what it's for (at least not to me). As a regular user, I'm sure it would be fine. Then again, if it offends someone... we should definately use it!

The talent that keeps coming out of the woodwork...

...from people at Citizen Sky is awesome. I love your work too Nico. My current vote/comments: 1. New star from database, I like both. 6. Raw mode: binary + star.As I've mentioned to you, although I appreciate what the raw meat icon conveys, and it has a certain comical quality, I don't think it's ideal here. 7. Phase plot: I love the 2nd icon, and it's consistent with what I was suggesting in our initial correspondence, but I agree that once scaled down, it's hard to read. The one with two sinusoids is nice, but I'd like to consider using that one for Polynomial Fit, for which a toolbar icon does not yet exist. Would it be possible to to just use the phase plot of a star by itself, e.g. the dep Cep one I think I already sent you? What do others think? Is there a phase plot of a dataset you know that would have a good visual effect? 10. Filter/search observations: I like both the binos and the funnel. The funnel is closer to 'filter' than the binos which is more like 'search'. So, I don't mind, but I'm leaning towards the funnel. 11. Preferences: the cog + star. 12. Help: the book. While I think of it, at some point I will need a "stop" button (for interrupting long-running operations). Not in the next week or so though. :) Thanks again Nico! Regards, David

For #1: bookcase For #6:

For #1: bookcase

For #6: binary code

For #7: line curves For #10: bino's look great For #11: paired gears For #12: Life preserver looks best in small icon size

Hi! I like all of them except

Hi! I like all of them except a few that will look rather weird scaled down: * the meat thing .... Hard to iconify the notion of RAW, maybe you can use something that negates a filter or modificaton (a "filter icon" that is crossed out or something). Or if you want to use meat, maybe a T-bone thing would look better at small scales :-) * for 7 : the one with the two sinoids * for 10: binos * for 11: 2nd one (two wheels) Just my 2cents HB

Vote Decision 2010
The meat image is very off-putting if you are vegetarian or observe religious practices about different meats. My choices: first #1 (books); first #6 (not meat); first #7 (line curves); first #13 (book); binoculars for filter/search. Assuming 12 is for Preferences, I have no favorite. Thanks for working on this, Nico!
Icon choices

For 1, I like the one which has the bookcase (the other version looks to much like an oil barrel) For 6, I agree that some people will be seriously turned off by the raw meat, so I prefer the one with binary For 7, I prefer the one with tow curves (even though I think a phase plot implies only one curve). The alternative is beautiful but too crowded when reduced in size For 10, I prefer the binoculars. The funnel has too many addition ambiguous interpretations For 12, I prefer the two gears For 13, I like the book with the question mark on it best Beautiful work, Nico! Cheers, Doug

Those are great. And I love

Those are great. And I love the raw meat symbol for raw data. :) Ilike the first #7 and the 2nd #12.

Another Thing

Make sure whatever icon you like, that it looks good and understandable when it will be reduced to its final size of 24 X 24px (the small icons are true to size when seen the jpg at 100%.)

Digit Mistake

Ok, so I just discovered that I put the 2 Filter/Search Observations icons (the binoculars and the funnel) with different numbers 10 and 11, sorry. I'm going to re attach that jpg.



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